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Jess is very grateful for the support she has received and would like to thank everyone who has supported her on her journey. Nothing can be done without a great team behind you and Jess knows that, thanks to her team, she can concentrate on achieving her goals.

Selwood Equine

Selwood Equine stock the biggest range of quality women's equine clothing, including leading equestrian riding brands such as Tattini, Animo and Kingsland. Jess loves the mixture of both style and quality that Tattini's clothing and horse wear has to offer.

Selwood Equine: "We are delighted to be sponsoring Jessica Gale. We recognise Jessica's talents and achievements to date and cannot wait to move forward with her now and support and promote her to the highest level, as well as having her represent our branded clothing, footwear and horse wear. We are confident she will be a great ambassador for our products and company and we are very much looking forward to working with her from this point on"

CGE Sports

CGE Sports provide Jess with personal training and sports massage to help her not only achieve her competing goals but to help others understand the benefit of sport specific exercises and sports massage, to all riders.

CGE Sports Provide Deep Tissue and Sports Massage as well as personal training to improve general wellbeing and performance. With over 10 years experience within the fitness industry and an avid horse rider of 20 years Clare is able to apply her knowledge, experiences and skills to provide a tailored massage to your needs, not a set routine of techniques.

CGE Sports say "I am super excited and proud to announce that CGE Sports is now sponsoring Jessica Gale - Dressage.We often focus so much on our beloved horses that we often forget that in order for our horses to be their best, we must be at our best"

Don Harry Saddlery

Don Harry provide a range of bespoke, handmade browbands, belts, dog collars and bridles. All Jess' horses wear the Don Harry browbands including the patriotic wave browband.

Don Harry Saddlery's managing director, Raphaella Nunny said: "We are delighted to have Jess as one of our sponsored riders. She is a hugely talented rider with great ambition. Her dedication to the sport is apparent in her consistent achievements. We are excited for Jess' future and are proud to be part of it."

Saracens Horse Feeds

Saracens have been supplying us with horse feed ever since the yard was established.This mix of high quality feed, scientific research and expert nutritional advice makes choosing Saracens one of the easiest decisions we've ever made. With the help of our local Saracens expert institutionalist, Rosie, we have developed a feeding regime that ensures the horses are able to perform at their best.

In our feed room:

We have found that Re-Leve provides exactly the right amount of energy without making a horse fizzy. This is due to the fact that Re-Leve is cereal free with a low amount of starch. Re-Leve is fed to the majority of our horses from 4 year olds to 30 year olds.

Enduro 100:
For horses like Kiwi who need an extra bit of 'zing' we have included a small amount of 'enduro' which results in 'controlled energy' - perfect for Kiwi.

Stamm 30:
Alongside this we use Stamm 30 to ensure that the horses are receiving the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals


The complete range of the finest luxury horseboxes built in the UK is designed to offer you choice, quality, dependability and value, together with unparalleled service and customer care.

Whatever your requirements - from a two horse box with day living, to eight horse bespoke luxury - every Equicruiser horsebox combines the most up to date technology with over 25 years of coachbuilding experience.

Working to lessen weight, increase durability and ensure the safety of your equine friends, we aim to work with you to provide a vehicle that perfectly suits your needs.



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